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The Zoo in Forest Park & Education Center

Who We Are

The Zoo in Forest Park & Education Center strives to provide an interactive, informative, exciting way for families and humans both young and old to learn about the animal world and environment around them. Program topics cover most areas of animals in the natural world, celebrate diversity, discuss problems faced in the wild, and encourage a healthier relationship between all earthly inhabitants. Younger children can explore Earth and its inhabitants during summer and winter camps provided by the zoo. Weekly programs at no added cost allow patrons to view specific animals up close to gain a better understanding of the creatures that tickle their curiosity. We also offer Animal Assisted Therapy for children who learn better interaction techniques through such venues. In order for us to better serve the public, we must work with the public, and we ask for their assistance in the matter. We would like the world to know the stories of each of these beautiful creatures and to have the opportunity to cherish them as much as we (the keepers) do.

What We Do

From big cats, to kangaroos, to goats and birds and cows that moo, The Zoo in Forest Park & Education Center is a nonprofit 501c3 organization located in the beautiful Forest Park, Springfield MA. Just under 200 unique species of animals call this zoo home, and each requires just as much love and care as the next. In order to ensure the zoo is at its full potential a hard working, dedicated, and enthusiastic group of volunteers and staff from our community is being asked to step forward. With weekly events scheduled throughout the year, animal care opportunities, gardening, landscaping, and general maintinance, volunteers are in constant demand and always welcomed.